Peace of Mind in a complex financial world

Are you finding it difficult to manage your personal finances, paperwork, and obligations? Are you finding it hard to remember to pay your bills, or perhaps it is not easy to get to the bank to deposit your cheques?

Maybe you are looking after a loved one like an elderly parent or relative and are finding that you do not have the time to handle it properly?

If this sounds like you, Mennonite Trust can help. The monthly payment of bills, depositing of cheques, reinvestment decisions and filing of tax returns are all tasks that need to be done regularly, but they can be a burden for people, especially if mobility is an issue, or if you find yourself becoming more forgetful. At times a family member can look after these things, but
many times they do not have the time or the skill, or may be far away.

Mennonite Trust Can Help!

Mennonite Trust has managed the personal finances of clients for many years. This service enables people to travel for extended times knowing that their financial affairs at home are taken care of.

A senior is able to live independently at home without the worry of missing the payment of bills, or forgetting to deposit cheques.

As the transition to older age is made, family members are secure in the knowledge that their parent’s financial matters are being taken care of.

Account Management Services:

  • Routine Bill Payment
  • Deposit Services: Mennonite Trust will contact Financial Institutions and Government Agencies to direct your cheques to your account at Mennonite Trust or to another institution
  • Preparation of Income Tax and other forms
  • Investment Management

The Cost of Account Management

One of the most popular aspects of our Account Management services is how surprisingly affordable it is. There is a $480 one-time initial setup fee that is charged when we begin administering your affairs, and after that there is a $40 monthly charge. In some cases a surcharge may apply where the work is unusually involved.

This cost includes having Mennonite Trust collect all your income, pay all your bills, manage your investments and collect your mail. It also entitles you to a 20% discount on our income tax services, which are already extremely competitive.

If our Account Management services are of interest to you, please contact one of our offices to arrange for an appointment to discuss how we can help you.