Your choice of Executor is a critical one.  It will affect your beneficiaries for some time to come.

Many families struggle when the Executor does not know what to do, or does not communicate, or plays favorites and misappropriates resources.  It need not be so.

Mennonite Trust Ltd. has been serving families and individuals for over a century.  When you choose MTL as executor your family and estate will benefit from the following:

  • Experience – MTL has administered estates since 1917. We have in-house specialists who are well-equipped to deal with investments, real estate, accounting, and even tax returns for the deceased (T1) and the estate (T3).
  • Impartiality – MTL acts as the independent third party.  We can fulfill the intentions of the deceased and mediate in situations where beneficiaries may disagree.
  • Continuity – MTL has the resources to see an Estate through to completion.
  • Communication – We provide regular updates to all beneficiaries as to how the work is progressing.
  • Personal Attention – MTL works closely with family and advisors.  Our goal is a peaceful and prompt settlement of the estate, so that your family feels well cared for.
  • Advance Funds – MTL can pay bills and advance funds to offset any immediate cash needs of the Estate.
  • Savings – We can often save estates thousands of dollars in probate fees or even avoid it entirely because of our relationship with various institutions.
  • Low Fees – As a not-for-profit Corporation, our Estate Administration fees are the lowest in the province, maximizing the return for the beneficiaries of your Estate.  No estate is too small or too large.

Most estates pay fees based on the assets.  Estate size is based on individually owned assets.  This calculation excludes all joint bank funds, joint titles, insurance funds and registered products where the estate is not a beneficiary.

first $1,000,000 3%
next $2,000,000 1%
next $7,000,000 0.5%
amt over $10,000,000 0.25%

Where assets are insufficient to cover the expenses, our hourly rate applies.

Estate Help when MTL is not named as Executor

If someone has appointed you as executor of their estate, consider appointing MTL as your agent. We can take all the confusion out of the complex range of tasks required.  We will do only as much of the work as you direct us to.   Click here for more information.

If the deceased died without a Will, we can also serve as Estate Administrator with the appropriate permissions from next of kin.

Mennonite Trust Executor Services

We always have the time.
We have earned the trust of thousands of people.
We have all the skills to expedite the work for your family.

Personal.  Professional.  Purposeful.