Tax rules change every year and it can be time-consuming to keep up.  With professional help, you can be assured that your return is prepared to your greatest advantage.  We can help you with a variety of tax situations:

  • Personal Income Tax
  • Farm Returns
  • Small Business Returns
  • Estate Final Returns
  • Estate T3 Trust Returns

Our experienced team of tax consultants will work with you to complete your tax return.  We can explain tax rules to you and answer any questions you have. In many cases we can find tax deductions others miss.  We often recommend ways to save taxes at no extra charge.  If CRA audits any piece of your tax picture, we can represent you or walk you through your response.  We want to minimize your tax bill.

Electronic Data Submission

If you’re interested in sending us your tax information electronically we’re open to receiving it in a number of ways:

  • Google Drive.  Send us a note asking that we contact you and the person preparing your return will contact you with the username to share the document(s) with.
  • Dropbox.  Send us a note asking that we contact you and the person preparing your return will contact you with the username to share the document(s) with.
  • Email your documents to  If you are concerned about security from your email provider, consider using encryption software like that found HERE and then sending us your password by another channel (eg. phone, fax, in the mail).

For those submitting documents electronically, our preferred format is PDF.  Picture files are often too big to email and require more administration time and space.  Any smartphone can create pdf documents with a scanning app.  Adobe Scan and TinyScanner are a couple of our favourites and you should be able to find them with a search on Google Play or the Apple App store.

Get started today and be sure to include the tax checklist.

Estate Income Tax

Mennonite Trust exists for the purpose of helping people with estate work.  Preparing estate tax returns is a large responsibility for an executor.  With our extensive experience in estate administration we’ve developed a level of estate tax expertise that many accounting firms lack. So, whether you’re using our estate administration services or not, we can help you with your estate tax work.


We don’t charge you more for extra slips and forms for most tax returns.  A surcharge only applies when the tax return takes considerably more time to complete than the average.  And, unlike other firms, we file electronically for no extra fees.


Rates as of Jan 1, 2021, subject to GST & PST

Basic personal returns — no additional costs for extra receipts or slips. $94.59
Guaranteed Income Supplement recipient returns $65.00
Full-time Student $50.00
Hourly fee for farm, and business returns, complex personal returns. $189.18/hour
Mennonite Trust a executor or agent to executor, charging by percent  included
Estate tax returns when serving by the hour $225/hour

At this time we do not prepare corporate returns.






What our clients are saying:

“They make tax time a breeze every year!” – Nikki

“We talked to one of their financial advisors for investment advice and income tax preparation.  He was very helpful and did not charge for complete time spent.” – Viola