Secure for the Long Haul

Mennonite Trust has the enviable record of being “good for” every depositor dollar in over a hundred years of service.  It’s the result of excellent management amidst changing conditions, a tradition you can be assured, will continue. 

Here are some of the reasons we inspire confidence among our depositors: 

  • Licensed as a Trust Company by the government of Saskatchewan.
  • Regulated by the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority for the Government of Saskatchewan (FCAA).  MTL provides monthly financial statements to them and is audited annually by the FCAA.
  • Audited statements by an independent firm of Chartered Professional Accountants, available on request.
  • We limit our loans to people who can offer security, ensuring a healthy loan portfolio
  • Deposits we hold with other licensed and regulated Canadian financial institutions are guaranteed.
  • Other investments held from time to time by MTL include only high grade government bonds and a small portion in blue chip equities.
  • Our managers are competent, conscientious, and qualified. Christian values are critical to the investment choices we make.
  • Oversight by a board appointed by three owning church bodies:  Mennonite Church Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, and the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches.