Notary Public / Commissioner of Oaths

Each of our offices have staff that can assist you with notary or commission signatures. Contact us for details.

Financial Counseling

Do you need help getting your financial situation under control? Come talk to one of the financial counselors at Mennonite Trust. We will give you a real, easy-to-start practical plan to get your finances and your life back under your control.

Estate Services

Are you an executor in an estate and wondering what to do? Estates are an incredible amount of work – let the estate professionals at Mennonite Trust help you out. Whether all you need is a point in the right direction or someone to take the whole job off your hands you will find that nobody has a better combination of experience and affordability than Mennonite Trust.

Educational / Informational Seminars

Mennonite Trust has been putting on free educational and information seminars across Saskatchewan for decades and would be pleased to come speak at your facility. We have put on seminars on a variety of topics, including:

  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate and Life Planning with the Disabled
  • Financial Planning
  • Investing for your Future

Mennonite Trust is available year-round, so contact us today to book your event.