Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Deposit Rates

1 Year0.550.90
2 Year0.75
3 Year0.85
4 Year0.95
5 Year1.35
Daily Interest Savings0.01
Junior Daily Savings0.01
Senior Daily Interest Savings0.01
Church OR Community Daily Interest0.15
Investor’s Choice High Interest Savings Account0.05
*Deposits with Mennonite Trust Ltd are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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Mortgage Rates

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Floating – Open4.25
Floating – Closed3.00
1 year fixed2.79
2 year fixed2.79
3 year fixed2.89
4 year fixed2.94
5 year fixed2.49
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FARM and BUSINESS Mortgages*
1 year fixed3.54
2 year fixed3.54
3 year fixed3.64
4 year fixed3.69
5 year fixed3.24
Church Rate3.25

*Rates are subject to the merits of your application and may be lower or higher than the posted rate.