Are you over the age of 18? If the answer is yes, a Will is one of those documents that should always be kept current.

With a properly drafted Will in place, your estate can have a significant impact on those you care about most. The loved ones you leave behind will be in charge of ensuring all of your wishes are carried out, and that your possessions and financial details are looked after. A Will makes this daunting, and often painstaking, task substantially easier and less stressful, by providing clarity and direction.

Additionally, a Will offers peace of mind by providing specific instructions regarding Guardianship of any minor children, potential property division or conveyances, and making provisions for those who may pass before you. Whether you’re just starting out in life, or enjoying your retirement, making a Will is always a smart choice.

A Will Enables you to:

  • Appoint an Executor who will manage and distribute your estate
  • Appoint a Guardian of any minor children (instead of having the courts decide)
  • Create specialized Trusts to fit your family’s needs
  • Provide continuing care for any dependents with disabilities
  • Choose who receives specific assets or gifts
  • Give to charity
  • Make provisions for a beloved pet
  • Potentially avoid certain taxes
  • Possibly reduce or avoid Probate.
  • Transfer (rollover) a business or farm to a spouse or child.

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