Estate Planning and Wills

$199 for a couple

$149 for an individual

Includes Free Will and Power of Attorney drafting!

Your Estate plan is an expression of your care for loved ones and for causes you are passionate about. The best plans are legally sound, adequate for the present and dynamic enough for future needs. At Mennonite Trust, we have the experience and expertise to create such a plan with you.

How shall I prepare?

Your first step is to call us!  We’ll answer any questions you have, then set up a time to meet at the office of your choice.  We’ll then send you a preparation package.

We value your cooperation so we can gather relevant information to your situation. Your attention to the Personal Affairs record will be very helpful to us. Statements of asset values, and details about titles and accounts will allow us to factor in tax and legislation matters into the plan. More information means we can help you plan better.

Thinking ahead about causes which are important to you will also be helpful. You may want to think about overall percentages of your estate to allocate to various areas.

Since the right Executor is so critical to effective management, your Estate Planning professional will offer principles which point to the best choice for Executor. Your Power of Attorney will also be a critical choice to consider.

What will be discussed?

We will focus on things you need to know, like how to avoid unnecessary costs at death, or how to set up trusts for those who need them, or how to plan for after-death tax costs or probate.

We will also ensure that you have a Power of Attorney in place to meet needs if you are rendered incapable. We also make available a Living Will, or Healthcare Directive, to allow you to direct your healthcare providers as to your wishes.

Are Mennonite Trust Staff qualified?

Mennonite Trust has been helping with Estates, Wills and planning in Saskatchewan since 1917. Our Estate planning professionals are fully versed in applicable Saskatchewan legislation and MTL has administered thousands of estates.

We ensure that each of our Planners has or is working towards Certification (CFP®, TEP®, or MTI®). With a broad range of knowledge in investments, real estate, insurance, taxes, budgeting, trusts and succession planning. Be assured that you are in good hands.

What will this cost?

As a non-profit corporation, we provide highly cost-effective professional planning for Estates and Wills. Our rate for first time planning is $199 for a couple and $149 for a single person. In more complex situations exceeding an hour of planning, a surcharge may apply. Will drafting which usually follows the planning is performed free of charge.  Following sessions, if needed, are billed at an hourly rate of $225 (eg. a 15 minute update is $56.25) .  Please let us know if finances are a problem for you and we will make adjustments. We want to be sure that everyone who comes to us has a good plan in place. See our vision and mission.

If you complete your signing of your Will at any of our offices, we provide staff as witnesses with Affidavits.  We also provide complimentary lifetime, secure safekeeping for your Will and Power of Attorney documents.

What our clients are saying:

“Friendly and caring staff in all areas, and very accessible language used so it was a very easy process” – Vivian

“I felt like a person, not a number” – Carol

“I like how things were explained to me in simple terms.  Being a widow, I had no one to help me with my estate or how to do a Will and MTL made all that possible.” – Janette

Why wait? Make your appointment at the office nearest you.

The Best Executors:

  • Have plenty of TIME to offer and are geographically available
  • Are able to be completely IMPARTIAL, and fully trusted by all beneficiaries
  • Have a proven set of SKILLS related to Estate Management – taxes, titles, legislative requirements, etc.

Consider naming Mennonite Trust as your  Executor.

We always have the time. 
We have earned the trust of thousands of people.
We have all the skills to expedite the work for your family.

Personal.  Professional.  Purposeful.